January 2017 update

January 2017 “Our vision is to make potatoes the preferred starch option for all New Zealanders, from home to classrooms cafés and top restaurants.” One of the first things I was told upon starting working for Potatoes New Zealand was … Continued

Surge in spending on NZ Fries

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A surge in spending on New Zealand fries in November was the main factor behind a new monthly record import total for Australia of Au$ 15.057 million. Spending on Dutch fries also rose sharply while the recovery for the US … Continued

Say Hello to the Grocerant

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“Potatoes have a key role in many of the food trends in 2017.” The latest hybrid consumption trend is the clumsily-named ‘Grocerant’ – a mix of grocer and restaurant. These consist of destination restaurants (rather than a supermarket café) in … Continued

Tomato potato psyllid myths

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By this time of the year tomato potato psyllid (TPP, Bactericera cockerelli) populations are peaking in potato crops. A bacterium, Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum (CLso), is carried and passed on by TPP, and by now its symptoms can be visible in … Continued