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The Board shall comprise at least 5 directors and up to 8 or 9 directors, as follows:

  1. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of eight elected directors; and
  2. An additional independent director (if appointed by the board in its discretion pursuant to clause 9(h) of the Constitution & Rules of the Society).
  3. At all times there shall be at least two (2) Grower member directors and two (2) Trade member directors.

The following persons shall be eligible for election as a director:

  1. Any Grower member or Trade member who is a natural person; or
  2. Any director or shareholder of a Grower member or Trade member that is a company; or
  3. Any partner, employee or nominated representative of a Grower member or Trade member that is a partnership or joint venture (whether incorporated or not); or
  4. Any member of a committee of management of a Grower member or Trade member that is a Maori incorporation; or
  5. Any trustee of a Grower member or Trade member that is a trust (including a Maori Trust Board); or
  6. Any employee of a Grower member or Trade member;

being the person nominated as the principal representative of that member in respect of dealings with the society.


Current Potatoes NZ Inc. Board Members:

Stuart Wright – Chairman (Grower Member)

Stuart brings experience in governance from his role as a board member of the Foundation for Arable Research for 14 … Read More

Bharat Bhana – Director (Grower Member)

Bharat’s family has been in the cropping industry for over 50 years. His extensive industry experience includes being an executive … Read More

Clint Smythe – Director (Grower Member)

Clint launched his own growing business as a schoolboy and gained a degree in horticulture at Massey University before joining … Read More

David Redmond – Director (Grower Member)

David is a third generation potato grower and has been growing and supplying potatoes for 25 years. He grows about … Read More

Mike Moleta – Director (Grower Member)

Mike has been involved in the potato industry as a grower for nearly 20 years. During this time he has … Read More

Tony Parlato – Director (Grower Member)

Manawatu farmer, Tony Parlato has spent nearly 20 years growing potatoes for the fresh and process markets and is passionate … Read More

John Jackson – Director (Trade Member)

John Jackson has been involved in the potato industry for more than 25 years and is currently Agriculture Director, McCain … Read More

Tony Hendrikse – Director (Co-opted Trade Member)

Tony has over 30-years’ experience in the horticultural industry including the seed potato industry since 1998. He is general manager … Read More

Jon Davison – Independent Director (appointed)

Jon has an extensive management, sales and export background and vast experience managing growth focused food manufacturing facilities including plant … Read More