Potatoes New Zealand Inc. is the trade/industry association representing the interests of New Zealand’s potato industry including 170-plus potato grower members, whether they grow potatoes for the table, for processing into potato products, or as seed potato as well as the wider potato industry through trade membership which includes processors and seed merchants.

Potatoes NZ Inc. became incorporated in 2012, previously it had been operating as a product group within Horticulture New Zealand.

New Zealand produces 525,000MT of potatoes per annum from 10,329 hectares planted (approx. 330,000 MT for processing, 153,000MT for fresh market and 42,000MT seed).   Potatoes are grown in Pukekohe, Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Canterbury and Southland.

To put that in numbers, if the average size of a potato is 175g, that’s approximately 2,855,000,000 potatoes, or 697 a year for every man, woman and child in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s potato industry is worth annually $142 million (in the year to March 2013) at the farm gate and $500m across the value chain, we take our responsibility to protect those returns and improve them very seriously.

We are responsible for lobbying on our industry’s behalf and providing members with timely information about what’s going on in their industry, and what new technologies or techniques could help them run their businesses even better.

Potatoes New Zealand Inc. is one of the 22 product groups affiliated to Horticulture New Zealand and is directly responsible for promoting the needs of the potato industry, as well as the value of potatoes and potato products.