The Board shall comprise at least 5 directors and up to 8 or 9 directors, as follows:

(i)            A minimum of 5 and a maximum of eight elected directors; and
(ii)           An additional independent director (if appointed by the board in its discretion pursuant to clause 9(h) of the Constitution & Rules of the Society).
(b)           At all times there shall be at least two (2) Grower member directors and two (2) Trade member directors.
The following persons shall be eligible for election as a director:
 (i)            Any Grower member or Trade member who is a natural person; or
(ii)           Any director or shareholder of a Grower member or Trade member that is a company; or
(iii)          Any partner, employee or nominated representative of a Grower member or Trade member that is a partnership or joint venture (whether incorporated or not); or
(iv)         Any member of a committee of management of a Grower member or Trade member that is a Maori incorporation; or
(v)          Any trustee of a Grower member or Trade member that is a trust (including a Maori Trust Board); or
(vi)          any employee of a Grower member or Trade member;
 being the person nominated as the principal representative of that member in respect of dealings with the society.


Current Potatoes NZ Inc. Board Members:

Stuart Wright – Chairman (Grower Member), Canterbury

Bharat Bhana – Director (Grower Member), Pukekohe

Clint Smythe – Director (Grower Member), Manawatu

David Redmond – Director (Grower Member), Canterbury

Mike Moleta – Director (Grower Member), Manawatu

Tony Parlato – Director (Grower Member), Manawatu

John Jackson – Director (Trade Member)

Tony Hendrikse – Director (Co-opted Trade Member)

Jon Davison – Independent Director (appointed)

Stuart Wright – Chairman (Grower Member)


Stuart brings experience in governance from his role as a board member of the Foundation for Arable Research for 14 years and chairman for nine. He is also a director of Ravensdown Fertiliser Company and completed a Nuffield Scholarship in 1996.

He farms 450ha dry land at Sheffield west of Christchurch, growing arable crops, finishing lambs and producing seed potatoes. Stuart is a strong advocate of industry good organisations and good governance practises. He believes that the measure of success for Potatoes New Zealand will be farmers and industry members seeing their levy as an investment in the potato industry, not a cost.

Location: Sheffield Board Stuart Wright conference 2015

Mobile: 021 329 763


  • Board – Interim Board Chair 2012-13, Board Chair 2013, re-elected Board & Chair 2014
  • Sub committees – PNZ/FAR Research & Development Governance Group 2014


Bharat Bhana – Director (Grower Member)

Bharat’s family has been in the cropping industry for over 50 years. His extensive industry experience includes being an executive member of the Pukekohe Vegetable Growers’ Association for many years, and
the potato sector of Vegfed.

He was vice chairman of Potatoes NZ from 2004 to 2009, and a director of Potatoes NZ, affiliated to H
orticulture NZ from 2008-2013 including chairing the Export Marketing Development Group.

Location: Pukekohe Board Bharat Bhana conference

Mobile: 027 482 8305


  • Board –  Elected 2013, appointed Vice Chair 2014.
  • Sub Committees – Export Market Development Group, Chair 2008-





Clint Smythe – Director (Grower Member)

Clint launched his own growing business as a schoolboy and gained a degree in horticulture at Massey University before joining his family horticultural business

Over the past 20 years Clint has grown the business, diversifying into a number of specialised tuber crops. He is currently completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-Commerce at Massey University. His industry roles included chairing for the past eight years. He has now resigned from that position to focus on Potatoes NZ Inc.

Location: FeildingBoard Clint Smith conference

Mobile: 021 520 992


  • Board – Elected 2013
  • Sub Committees – Education & Marketing Group board representative 2014



David Redmond – Director (Grower Member)

David is a third generation potato grower and has been growing and supplying potatoes for 25 years. He grows about 350 ha of potatoes annually as well as mixed crop and also farms Angus cattle.

He began his career by starting and developing a potato harvesting business. This led to a potato growing business, DC and LJ Redmond, and directorship of Ridges Produce a potato growing business in Mid-Canterbury.

Location: AshburtonBoard David Redmond conference

Mobile: 0274 517 050


  • Board – Elected 2013


Mike Moleta – Director (Grower Member)

Mike has been involved in the potato industry as a grower for nearly 20 years. During this time he has grown both domestic fresh market and processing potatoes, as part of a 140ha mixed arable and pasture farm in Opiki, near Palmerston North.

He has an Agribusiness degree from Massey University, and leadership experience in community groups through sports clubs, young farmers club and school board of trustees.

Location: Palmerston NorthBoard mike moleta nomination photo 2013

Mobile:  027 2778 321


  • Board – Elected 2013.
  • Sub committees –Leadership Development Group, board representative 2014


Tony Parlato – Director (Grower Member)

Manawatu farmer, Tony Parlato has spent nearly 20 years growing potatoes for the fresh and process market and is passionate about the industry. The Parlato farm grows approximately 150 hectares of potatoes, cultivates a range of other vegetables and runs livestock. As well as a solid understanding of industry from a grower’s perspective, Tony brings a good common sense approach to his new role and is keen to be involved in developing and promoting the industry.

Location: Palmerston North Board Tony Parlato conference

Mobile: 027 446 2346


  • Board – Elected 2014.


John Jackson – Director (Trade Member)

John Jackson has been involved in the potato industry for more than 25 years and is currently Agriculture Director, McCain Foods Australia and New Zealand, with experience in crop procurement, strategic planning and operations.

John began his career over 30 years ago for J Wattie Canneries in Timaru with their vegetable processing operation. John was involved from the inception of McCain Foods, the country’s first manufacturing operation which now has two processing plants in New Zealand. These produce in excess of 160,000 tonnes of potatoes and vegetables annually with a permanent workforce of more than 300 employees nationwide.

John is passionate about New Zealand potatoes domestic and international brand, and hopes the new Potatoes New Zealand board will work to generate more overseas opportunities for the wider New Zealand potato community.

Location: Timaru – (currently based in Australia) Board John Jackson

Mobile: +61 (409) 478 619


  • Board – Interim Board 2012-13, Board 2013, re-elected Board 2014
  • Sub Committees – Research & Development Group (Potatoes product group and PNZ Inc.) until 2014


Tony Hendrikse – Director (Co-opted Trade Member)

Tony has over 30-years’ experience in the horticultural industry including the seed potato industry since 1998. He is general manager and one of the owners of Eurogrow Potatoes, a seed potato company focused primarily on proprietary varieties. Tony also has business interests in seed potatoes in Australia and via this to Thailand.

Location: Hamilton Board Tony Hendrikse 2015

Mobile: 029 968 8237


  • Board – Co-opted 2013
  • Sub Committees – NZ Seed Potato Certification Authority 2013-


Jon Davison – Independent Director (appointed)

Jon has an extensive management, sales and export background and vast experience managing growth focused food manufacturing facilities including plant expansions and business development into new markets.

Location: AucklandBoard John Davison conference

Mobile: 0274 936 194


  • Board – Appointed by Board 2013, re-appointed by Board 2014