The principal objective of Potatoes NZ Inc. is to provide benefits to the potato industry in New Zealand by creating a positive industry profile and business environment for members, this includes:


  1. Promoting to the general public, the media, policy makers and Members of Parliament, the potato industry as a vital and growing sector of major social and economic significance to New Zealand.

  3. Actively engaging and participating in the following areas of activity, as they relate to the interests of members and the potato industry generally:

    1. Potato research and industry development;

    2. General regulatory policy and resulting compliance costs;

    3. Resource management and the environment, including but not limited to making appropriate submissions on local government plans in key production areas;

    4. Marketing the nutritional and health value of potatoes;

    5. Support for market activities in domestic and overseas markets;

    6. Education, training and leadership; and

    7. Border security.


Key Activities of Potatoes NZ Inc.