Education & Marketing

This group is responsible for the following:

As informed by the 2013 Consumer Research Project:

  • NZ Table Potato Quality Initiative
  • Co-ordination of key media messages
  • Complimentary foods co-marketing initiatives

Via various channels:


The CHIP Group

For Potatoes NZ Inc. the CHIP Group is a key element of the Education & Marketing Group’s strategic implications.  It is important that the potato industry ensures the future consumption of French fries in New Zealand along with participating in a community programme to support the nutritional messages of the potato industry.  The CHIP Group also develops ongoing relationships with government agencies and other like-minded industry organisations on health and nutrition issues.

The Chip Group is made up of a range of players in the food service industry, such as potato growers, chip manufacturers, oil suppliers, as well as health and government members such as the Heart Foundation and The Ministry of Health.

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Education Programmes


Key Media


Potatoes NZ Inc. have established four simple statements referred to as the Four Pillars.  Each pillar can be supported by a range of proof points.  In addition we have proposed a marketing statement to support each key message which can be used in the development of any marketing collateral.

Download the Four Pillars

View media coverage here.



In 2013 Potatoes NZ Inc. re-developed its consumer website and in 2014 activated its social media activity through its Facebook presence.


Complimentary Foods Co-marketing Initiatives / Joint Activities

Potatoes NZ Inc. work closely with wider primary industry marketing groups whether on individual promotions or within joint education programmes.  Industry partners include Beef+LambNZ Pork, Poultry Association of NZ, and 5+ A Day.


Networking Activities with Health and Other Associated Interested Parties

Heart Foundation –  Potatoes NZ Inc. shared a stand with the Heart Foundation for 2 hours at Foodshow Auckland in 2014, and will in 2015 have 2 x 2 hour slots at all 4 Foodshow locations, both are members of CHIP Group.

Ministry of Health –  also members of CHIP Group, Potatoes NZ Inc. also provide resources directly to public health professionals such as Dietitians, Nutritionists, GPs and Public Health Organisations, as well as participating in relevant conferences.

Meeting Update 27 March 2015 - The next meeting of the Education & Marketing Group is on Thursday 9th April 2015 in Auckland.