Nutrition and Health Claims

With the implementation of FSANZ Standard 1.2.7 in January 2013 there are new opportunities for promoting the nutrition and health benefits of foods.

Potatoes NZ Inc. commissioned Plant & Food Research to carry out a literature review to gather as much information as possible in order to provide the NZ potato industry with the current nutritional composition and health benefits of potatoes. This valuable research has resulted in the documents below:


Potatoes NZ Inc. have also released the latest version of their potato nutrition booklet click here to view.


All fresh potatoes are naturally gluten free,  Potatoes NZ Inc. recommends that growers and packers follow the guidelines below for using this nutrition claim:

Packaging and/or advertising:

  • Use the phrase “all fresh potatoes are naturally gluten free” and include a full nutrition information panel including the gluten level listed as zero.


  • Use a gluten free recipe and mark the recipe “gluten free”

 All other promotional material (including websites):

  • Use the phrase “all fresh potatoes are naturally gluten free”

For other nutritional information click here