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Frequently Used Documents


   Trade/market access and export
     Export registration forms
     Export statistics - fresh
     Trade barrier report
     Export statistics - processed
Fiji Export Potato Grade Standards
16-12-17 Download
Summary of import requirements to all ICPR countries
30-11-17 Download
PNZ Export Registration Form 2016-17 (Word)
22-06-17 Download
PNZ Export Market Development Grants Programme Guidelines
04-05-17 Download
PNZ Export Registration Form 2016-17 (PDF)
04-05-17 Download
Gazettal Notice on Import Ban of Fresh Vegetables
04-05-17 Download
Final Importation Requirements Potato Tuber from NZ into VN August 2015
04-05-17 Download
European Union ICPR Aug 2015
04-05-17 Download
Eligibility for a phytosanitary certificate for potatoes to Fiji
04-05-17 Download
23-06-03 Download