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Potatoes NZ Inc. communicates on a variety of key industry topics and activities. We do this through a variety of communications tools:



  • NZ Grower Magazine – contributing articles and funding to NZ Grower magazine published by Horticulture New Zealand and distributed free to all commercial vegetable and berryfruit growers, including all members of Potatoes NZ Inc.
  • Email Newsletter – a monthly potato industry email newsletter distributed to the wider potato industry which features a wide variety of information both global and domestic relating to the key activities of the potato industry.
  • Media Coverage – Potatoes NZ Inc. and the NZ potato industry frequently receive media coverage on a wide variety of subjects.

See the posts below for the latest communications from Potatoes NZ Inc. or select one of the communications tools from the menu.

Regional Winners Found – Best Chip Shop Competition

It is with great excitement that we announce the 7 Regional Winners for the Best Chip Shop Competition 2017… Northland … Read More

Potatoes – the perfect side

Potatoes are the perfect side for every meal, every day. They can be served boiled, mashed, roasted, baked or in … Read More

Country Freedom for CLSo

New Zealand country freedom for Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum (CLso) haplotypes B, C, D and E. The Ministry for Primary Industries … Read More

NZ’s favourite chips found

The Best Chip Shop Competition is back after a 4-year hiatus. 51 stores (see list below) have been awarded Highly Commended Chips … Read More

Profiting from improving table potato quality and pack-out

A recently published Ontario Produce Marketing Association research report proposes how improving table potato quality and pack-out can increase profitability. Click here … Read More

Dickeya dianthicola found in Western Australia

Dickeya dianthicola has been found in a commercial potato crop north of Perth, Western Australia – read more… Dickeya dianthicola Photo … Read More

Priority pest list – Potatoes NZ

The GIA Deed outlines the principles for the partnership and the commitments that each Signatory makes to engage in the … Read More

Gene editing and its impact in the US potato industry

There has been discussion in the Potato industry and world-wide media about CRISPR technology and its impact on breeding new … Read More

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