Niki Bezant
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Niki Bezzant is a renowned writer, editor, speaker and foodie. She is President of Foodwriters New Zealand and Editor-at-Large for Healthy Food Guide. Niki will write a monthly blog for Potatoes New Zealand, so keep checking back towards the end of each month for her latest blog.


Where have all the potatoes gone?

As the attendees of the recent Foodwriters NZ conference sat down for their final lunch of the event, we were served … Read More

Beware the Chipocalypse!

In her latest blog, exclusively for Potatoes New Zealand, leading Foodwriter Niki Bezzant discusses how the recent ‘Chipocalypse’ highlighted the … Read More

The price of potatoes

You may have seen the recent kerfuffle about the price of butter. Our favourite fat, it seems, is at a record … Read More

Crunching towards victory – Best Crisp Competition

Did you know that Kiwis spend $150 million a year on potato crisps? That’s a lot of crunching and rustling… … Read More

Tartiflette – one of the great potato dishes of the world

  There are many great potato dishes in the world. Most potato-eating countries would have more than one favourite, probably. … Read More

Potatoes, carbs & dietary trends

In her latest blog Niki Bezzant encourages us to look at the bigger picture when considering potatoes and carbs… The launch … Read More

Is there such a thing as perfect roast potatoes?

Niki Bezzant discusses her quest to make the perfect roast potatoes… Perfect roast potatoes. Few food topics I’ve posted on my Facebook page have … Read More