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In 2014 Potatoes NZ Inc. entered into a management agreement with the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) for the management of all Potatoes NZ Inc. funded research activities.

This agreement is overseen by the PNZ/FAR R&D Governance Group who are responsible for Research and Development activities in the following areas:


  • Right to farm issues – including water management
  • Best on-farm practice – including crop rotation interaction and efficient input usage


  • Industry Plant Breeding
  • Disease and Pest Management
  • Innovative Products and Components
  • Novel Waste Product Development

Key points of the Potatoes NZ Inc. Research and Development portfolio:


  • In recent years significant research investment has been on psyllid. This work has identified some options for effective control which will be evaluated in different regions and the cost benefit of each system defined.
  • Yield research has shown that soil borne diseases reduce yield. The proposed research will look at control and management of soil borne diseases.
  • Soil constraints (compaction) also reduce yields. Compaction above 1.5Mpa (as measured with a penetrometer) will reduce potato yields. Initial research on irrigation management aims to maximize root performance within available soil root zone to optimize crop yield.
  • Applied research trials will be undertaken on grower properties in key growing regions and extension events are planned to ensure growers can view and discuss the research.