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Potatoes NZ Inc. undertakes major consumer research projects to assist all those in the industry to grow our sales. Whilst previous research had only considered consumer behaviour, more recent research takes retail sales, household expenditure and consumption data into account.

The research checks the relevance of all our strategies and helps us to identify which areas need more or less focus.

We undertake consumer research every four years and this helps us ensure the most effective spend of industry funds.

The latest consumer research project was completed in late 2013. See the presentations and related documents in the library for key insights resulting from the research.



Findings include:

  • The need to focus growth on maintaining buyer-engagement and encourage more frequent purchase.
  • Re-align pricing-relativity of larger pack sizes – as they are a likely driver of less frequent purchase as shoppers seek value
  • Create better value-perception outside of pricing
  • Increase appeal and relevance of fresh potatoes for category consumers
  • Create more excitement through relevant occasions for young shoppers
  • Bring together strong perceptions of ‘fresh’ and ‘natural’ to modernise flavour and taste

Key Findings Presentation

Comparison of Previous Research Findings


This research showed actual purchase information together with household attitudes and perceptions. It followed research from 2006, and showed segments had shifted significantly, with several segments merging into one mega segment, and the emergence of a ‘green’ segment representing 12 per cent of consumers.