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Seed Potato Certification Authority meeting

14th September 2017 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Seed potatoes
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Seed potato growers are invited to a meeting to discuss proposed changes to the Seed Potato Certification rules.  This is an opportunity for you to provide feedback on the proposed changes, as well as any other aspects of the scheme.  The meeting will start at 3.30pm and run through to 5pm, followed by beer, chips & pizza.

RSVP to frpergnel.FCPN@cbgngbrfam.pb.am

Proposed rule changes include;

  • A new rule that will allow inspectors to suspend inspection and allow the grower to take corrective actions on the crop and re-submit the crop for inspection.  This may only be done once per crop, and only where the inspector believes corrective actions are possible.
  • Changes are proposed to the appeals procedure with an appeals panel established to hear appeals.
  • It is proposed that the official tuber inspection sample size should be increased to 400 tubers (50 tubers x 8 bins) per 30 tonne lot (i.e., a maximum lot size).
  • It is proposed that the wet rot tolerance is clarified.  The current tolerance is 0.1% (1 in 1000), however the inspection sample is only 400 tubers.  Increasing the inspection sample is not feasible so it is suggested that a similar approach is taken to that for scab.  There should be no wet rot in the 400 tuber sample.  If there is 1 wet rot found then a further 1000 tubers should be sampled with no wet rot found.  Alternatively the grower may elect to re-grade and re-submit the lot.
  • A change to Table 3 which currently states that the tolerance is for each 100 tuber sample.  It is proposed that the tolerance is an average across the 400 tuber sample.
  • It is proposed that tuber sizing be included in the rules.  The seed label specifies sizing but the rules do not specify that this should be verified during official tuber inspection.  A 3% tolerance to over and under-sized tubers has been proposed (e.g., 1% under plus 2% over = 3%).  Inspectors will also add a comment on the inspection form if tubers are over 86mm in length (e.g., 5% over 86mm).
  • A discussion will be held on field inspection methods and sample sizes.  A Technical Panel has been considering these methods but is yet to make a recommendation on any changes.  The purpose of the discussion is to inform growers of progress on the work to date.
  • The potential need for Post Desiccation Field Inspections will be discussed. At the recent Agronomist’s Forum in Pukekohe concern was raised about the lack of controls around crop regrowth control and also the absence of any requirement for field inspections to verify management of this issue.
  • Proposed fees for 2017-18 will be discussed.


A draft of the 2017-18 seed rules showing these proposed changes will be sent to all seed growers prior to the meeting.  We look forward to seeing you there and hearing your views.


For more information contact Stephen Ogden (Secretary, Seed Potato Certification Authority) on 04 04 473 6040 or email frpergnel.FCPN@cbgngbrfam.pb.am.


14th September 2017
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Hotel Ashburton
35/11 Racecourse Road
Ashburton, 7700 New Zealand
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0800 330 880
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