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This page is intended to provide information for growers on Health & Safety and Farm Management. Regional Plan Changes which affect farmers can be found here on our Plan Changes page.
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Health & Safety

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Name Downloads
PNZ Covid-19 Bubble Infographic Poster
Safe Use of Machinery

Regulatory Changes

As of October 2019, Farm Environment Plans are an essential tool to meet incoming, stricter regulations. This has come about as the government has launched new National Policy Statements and as a result Regional Councils will be directed to meet proposals with management standards.

NZGAP – has been approved as an interim measure by Ministry of Environment and provides various resources including an FEP template. View these on their website here.

Potatoes New Zealand’s efforts: Sustainable Vegetable Systems Project (previously PNZ-79 Emissions Project), has work-streams to develop tools to measure, manage and reduce emissions, including nitrates. Keep up-to-date with the project by following us on Twitter and Facebook and read more about the project to maintain Potato Growers Social and Regulatory license here.