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Potatoes NZ Newsletter #103 – January 2021

PNZ NEWS Read in detail the latest news, comms, admin and technical below.Happy New Year and here’s to a great … Read More

Potato Chat January 2021: Niki’s BBQ wedges

BBQ Crispy lemon wedges with herby whipped feta This recipe combines two great things about summer: freshly-dug, NZ-grown potatoes and … Read More

Summer Report 2021

SUMMER SPUD REPORT 2020-2021 By Gemma Carroll, PNZ Comms & Engagement Officer. It has been a mixed bag of weather … Read More

Potato Chat December 2020: Niki & Nathan’s Wasabi Surprise Salad

New potato salad with wasabi peas This recipe celebrates perfect new season potatoes, and the surprising element of the wasabi … Read More

Potato Chat November 2020: The Great Kiwi Potato Fritter

The secret of great Kiwi potato fritter Potato fritters are a particularly Kiwi tradition at the fish and chip shop. … Read More

Potatoes NZ Newsletter #102 – November 2020

PNZ NEWSRead in detail the latest news, comms, admin and technical below.The PNZ team will be available over the festive … Read More

2020: The year that proved our industry’s resilience and agility

PNZ 2020: the year in review By Gemma Carroll The words ‘unprecedented’ and ‘extraordinary’ have been used a lot this … Read More

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