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Lead Organisation Market Access Solutions Project Leader Rebecca Fisher
Objectives – Since 2015 a project to develop a vegetable industry agrichemical strategy has been coordinated by Market Access Solutionz. Two years ago the project moved to a maintenance phase involving annual updates of tick sheets, crop profiles, risk assessments, analysis of control priorities and possible replacement agrichemicals.
Update – Fourteen exceedances of MRLs were detected from these datasets which include samples from NZGAP’s agrichemical monitoring programme between December 2017 and December 2018, and from MPI’s FRSP for the period of August 2017 to June 2018. Most exceedances were of the default MRL of 0.10mg/kg, rather than situations where an MRL was set for the crop. The exception to this was a detection of procymidone on a sample of endive. One residue of phorate, a compound that is no longer approved for use (as of 1 July 2016 and the residue was detected in January 2018), was detected in a carrot sample, and detections of acephate, methamidophos and diazinon were detected on endive, kalian and chilli peppers respectively. These represent off-label use of these compounds, which is prohibited. Two exceedances appear to be a result of growers treating an MRL as applicable to an entire crop group, when it is actually specific to an individual crop. Five other
residues exceed the MRL but also represent relatively low residues. These cases were probably attributable to the grower applying the product offlabel too close to harvest, without observing a withholding period that would have allowed residues to sufficiently decay. This report makes some recommendations for helping to address these issues and lessen their likelihood of re-occurring in future.
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