Sustainable Vegetables Systems Program

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The Sustainable Vegetable Systems Project (PNZ-79) is a multi-workstream national project aimed at analyzing nitrate uptake, nutrient leaching, data efficacy and Overseer prediction validation for potato crops in multiple regions throughout New Zealand.

The overall aims are:

  • To maintain vegetable and potato industries’ social license to operate
  • To protect ability to grow process & export, while meeting environmental standards and maintaining international
  • To ensure industry access to land, water and nutrients through National, Regional and farm programs in order to achieve industry growth

We anticipate the outcome will be a greater understanding of how much nitrate and nutrients potatoes and other vegetables take-up and how much they possibly leach, whilst also clarifying the most effective means of measuring this.

March 2022 PFR Social Science Report SVS

June 2021 FOLKL-SVS-Grower Baseline Report

March 2021 PFR 20405 – Short summary of SVS literature review March 2021

Milestone Reports from Plant and Food Research (PFR) and from SVS project leader Andrew Barber:

Quarter 2 report (2nd year) PFR SVS Oct – Dec 2021

Quarter 2 Report (2nd year) SVS Dec 2021

Quarter 1 Report (2nd year) PFR SVS Sept 2021

Quarter 1 Report (2nd year) SVS Sept 2021

2021 Quarter 4 Report PFR SVS April-June

2020-21 Quarter 4 Report SVS Apr-Jun

Exec Summary from 2021 Annual Report PFR SVS FINAL

2020-21 Quarter 3 Report SVS Jan-Mar

2020 Quarter 2 Report PFR SVS Oct-Dec

2020-21 Quarter 2 Report SVS Oct-Dec

2020 Quarter 1 Report PFR SVS July-Aug

2020-21 Quarter 1 Report SVS Jul-Aug

Background info:

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