Sustainable Vegetables Systems Project

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The Sustainable Vegetable Systems Project (PNZ-79) is a multi-workstream national project aimed at analyzing nitrate uptake and nutrient leaching, Teralytic probe data efficacy and Overseer prediction validation for potato crops in multiple regions throughout New Zealand.

The overall aims are:

  • To maintain vegetable and potato industries’ social license to operate
  • To protect ability to grow process & export, while meeting environmental standards and maintaining international
  • To ensure industry access to land, water and nutrients through National, Regional and farm programs in order to achieve industry growth

We anticipate the outcome will be a greater understanding of how much nitrate and nutrients potatoes and other vegetables take-up and how much they possibly leach, whilst also clarifying the most effective means of measuring this.

March 2021 PFR 20405 – Short summary of SVS literature review March 2021

Latest update:

SVS update SVS June 2020

Milestone Reports:

SVS MS1 Evidence Report (public) September 30th 2020

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Joining The Dots Updated Report(200520)

Joining The Dots Summary Poster