Future Proofing Vegetable Production

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Lead Organisation LandWise Project Leader Dan Bloomer

Final & 12th Milestone Report 16th June 2021 FPVP SFF 405649-12 milestone Report 12

Milestone Report 12th April 2021 FPVP SFF 405649-11 milestone Report 11

Milestone Report 14th January 2021 FPVP SFF 405649-10 milestone Report 10

Milestone Report 30th September 2020 FPVP SFF 405649-09 milestone Report 9

Milestone Report 8th July 2020 FPVP SFF 405649-08 milestone Report 8

Milestone Report 31st March 2020 FPVP SFF 405649-07 milestone Report 7

Milestone Report 7th February 2020 FPVP SFF 405649-06 Milestone Report 6

Milestone Report September 2019 FPVP SFF 405649-05 Milestone Report 5

Milestone Report June 2019 FPVP SFF 405649-04 Milestone Report 4

Milestone Report March 2019 FPVP SFF 405649-03 Milestone Report 3

Milestone Report 31 January 2019  SFF405649 M02 2019-01-22 Baseline Performance Assessment

Milestone Report September 2018  SFF405649 M01 2018-09-30 Project Established

Objective-  Manawatu’s and Gisborne’s intensification and vegetable focused regional economic growth goals require new growing systems as waterways are under severe stress. This project introduces common pool resource management and draws on and supplements recent and current research to develop new generation good management practices.
New production and nitrogen mitigation techniques will be developed and tested, industry trained and case studies presented nationally via publications, online, field days and workshops.

Update  – We have also designed a simple draft Nitrogen Budget Tool for Vegetables as a quick calculator to help growers estimate nitrogen need and determine the amount of nitrogen unaccounted for at the end of a crop. This is now ready for testing and feedback. Four growers in the Arawhata catchment were supported to create an Overseer analysis of representative blocks on their farms. The process helped growers to engage with nutrient cycles, and better understand their growing systems from a nutrient management perspective. Project team meetings in Levin (on the 27th of February), and Gisborne (27th March) have facilitated discussion between growers and members of the regional/district council. This has resulted in progress towards water quality monitoring for both areas, and an enhanced sense of trust and understanding between the two groups. Councils are planning to monitor drainage and surface water using SOE reporting protocols. Farmers intend monitoring the same points frequently using Quick Nitrate Test strips calibrated for surface water.

Milestones – milestone 4 complete on schedule