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Membership Application Form
We supply the following products/services to members of the New Zealand Potato Industry
I/we agree to abide by the rules of Potatoes NZ Inc. and to pay any joining fee, subscription or levy approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

Potatoes New Zealand Inc has 3 types of membership:

Grower Members:

Members actively engaged in the production of potatoes in New Zealand for commercial processing, domestic fresh market, export, or seed who, in the preceding 12 month period, have paid a levy pursuant to the Commodity Levies (Potatoes) Order 2019.

Note: levy is collected at first point of sale and may be paid via a levy collector (i.e. processor, wholesaler, retailer, exporter) or direct from a grower to Potatoes NZ Inc. via direct credit accompanied by a completed Buyer Created Invoice (BCI). Click here to download;

2019 PNZ Inc. Direct Sales Levy BCI
83 downloads 31-05-2019
2019 PNZ Inc. Direct Sales Levy BCI - MS Word version
12 downloads 31-05-2019

Grower members have full voting rights.

To register as a Grower Member, please use our contact form and select “General”.

Trade Members:

Members actively engaged in processing, trading or retailing New Zealand grown potatoes or potato product.

Trade members must complete an application form and pay the annual trade membership subscription, based on production volume, per financial year.

Trade members have voting rights for elections of Board Members but cannot vote on the Levy Referendum.

To inquire about Trade Membership, please contact Chris Claridge through our contact form.

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Associate Members:

Those who are associated with the potato industry and are engaged in supplying services to Grower members or Trade members.

Associate members must pay an annual subscription fee per financial year.

Associate members do not have voting rights.

To inquire about Associate Membership, please contact Chris Claridge through our contact form.