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23% of our $1.1 billion industry value can be attributed to NZ crisps. Between 2020 & 2021 we observed a doubling in value for our crisp sector. Our comfort food is loved both at home and abroad.

Our NZ growers supply the best produce to the crispers in NZ and Canterbury growers, the Bowen Family, process their own potatoes to produce the popular Heartland crisps.

On farm there is ongoing innovation and GMP to ensure food is being produced in a sustainable way to care for environment (land and water), people, communities and to ensure a sustainable bottom line for our farmers and their families. It’s a challenge but our industry love potatoes and we love our farms, some of which have been in families for 100 years.

NZ crisps are the best and are manufactured by Proper, Bluebird, Heartland & ETA.