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The first step when considering exporting potatoes (particularly fresh produce) is to check the compliance programme requirements of each import country being considered.

Potatoes NZ’s Quick reference guide provides a summary of the phytosanitary export requirement for potatoes to the various countries. Please note that this summary does not replace MPI’s official requirements which is the definitive source of information.


Potato wart (Source: L. Ward from the APS digital image collection CD Diseases of Root and Tuber Crops 2002.)

MPI Phytosanitary Official Assurance Programme (OAP) for Potato Cyst Nematode and Potato Wart

Potatoes to be exported to countries that require MPI certification of freedom from potato cyst nematode and potato wart must be grown in compliance with MPI’s “Compliance Programme for Provision of PCN Additional Declarations”. This programme has recently been updated. Information about the programme and application forms can be found at the MPI Biosecurity NZ website.

Additional information resources are listed below: