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While Potatoes NZ Inc. is not involved in commercial exporting activities such as promoting or selling into export markets, the Export Market Development Group currently manages a programme of work to investigate and assist in the development of markets and to open up access to new markets for fresh New Zealand table, processing and seed potatoes.

This work involves negotiating with New Zealand and foreign governments to ensure the access conditions that will permit New Zealand to export to these countries. This work is funded by a $5 per tonne fee paid by all exporters registered with Potatoes NZ Inc.

In order to import New Zealand potatoes, an importer must either;

New Zealand currently exports around 100,000 MT potatoes and potato products around the world a year. Exports are made up of fresh and frozen produce and seed potatoes.

Potatoes NZ Inc. record statistics on all potato exports. For further information and statistics please click here.

To check the requirements for exporting potatoes see the information contained here.


Managing existing export markets and cultivating new markets takes time. Potatoes NZ is involved in this work. For more information click here.