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About the Commodity Levy

Every six years growers are required to vote in the Commodity Levy to establish continued support for Potatoes New Zealand funding mechanism. The last vote was in 2018 and it is happening again in 2024. As a legal requirement, Potatoes New Zealand will connect with growers to inform them of this upcoming Commodity Levy and inform them of the work Potatoes New Zealand does and will continue to do with the support of growers.

For the 2024 Commodity Levy, Potatoes New Zealand proposes to retain the levy as it currently stands. It is highly recommended that growers discuss your opinion on this vote with other growers when the information is available.

A copy of the Levy Order can be found here >>

View a copy of Potatoes New Zealand Strategy 2028 >>

Key projects Potatoes New Zealand works on:

Potatoes New Zealand works diligently for our members to enable and promote better outcomes for the New Zealand potato industry. This work includes:

  • Advocating for Growers so they can thrive, and New Zealanders can be confident of good food supply and security
  • Biosecurity: managing pests and diseases, and being ready to act should they arise
  • Communicating to Growers about business-critical information
  • Listening to Growers to understand their needs to be able to provide the best support
  • Promoting the increased consumption of potatoes
  • Representing and promoting good stories about the potato industry
  • Research, development and extension, to help meet challenges through new growing techniques
  • Support for Growers in a crisis: advocacy as well as practical advice
  • Supporting succession planning by promoting industry careers

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about the 2024 Commodity Levy and what it means for our industry. More information >>


Read the Potatoes New Zealand Consultation Document >>

If you have any queries and/or feedback, please use Potatoes New Zealand’s Contact form and select ‘General enquiries’ or phone 0800 399 674