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Potatoes NZ Inc. has made available a portion of the Export Market Development levy funding for support of market development activities.

Objective of Grants

To encourage New Zealand potato sector businesses to initiate and progress market development activities in export markets.

What are the Grants For?

This is a contestable fund to provide co-funding up to 50% for export market development activities.

Exporters, growers and other participants in the potato sector can apply to the Export Market Development Group (EMDG) for funding to assist with market development activities they see of value.

The programme is designed to support successful applicant businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their markets and identify and exploit potential opportunities.

The programme ensures that applicants have to self-fund activities but not to the extent that prevents activities and export growth occurring. It also means that exporters rather than the EMDG members can determine the best use of market development funding.

Two levels of grants are available: a market exploratory grant and a market development grant.

Market Exploratory Grant

Provides funding up to $5,000.

This fund is targeted at initial market investigations and can be used to assist with travel and market visit costs and other expenses incurred in exploring a new market for the first time.

Market Development Grant

Provides funding up to $25,000.

Aimed at projects of some significance and investment. Applicants would have identified a market opportunity and use this funding to establish feasibility and undertaking activities to enter the market.

Eligible activities include:

  • marketing collateral
  • advertising and promotion
  • trade shows
  • market visits
  • in-market representation
  • market research
  • preparation of market development plan
  • commercial or industry collaboration

How to Apply

Please get in touch with Potatoes New Zealand via our Contact page.