James Bowan

James Bowan

Membership Type: Board Member

Company: Heartland Chips Ltd

Location: Washdyke

The Bowan family farms more than 600ha at Orari in South Canterbury. Down the road at industrial Washdyke, in the slipstream of Timaru, the family also runs the Heartland chips processing plant.

Fallgate Farm includes 250-odd hectares of spuds, 320ha of combinable cereals, 150ha of grass seed and a few other bits and pieces, especially seeds.

It adds up to a lot of business from farm to shop shelf but James isn’t bothered with the trappings of corporate hierarchy. For all that pressure, James reckons it would be hard to find any better job than his. He takes pride in growing the crops, interacting with staff and meeting interesting arable people from all walks of life.