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MPI Export Certification Standards Are Changing in 2015


All MPI Approved Operators should have received an emailed invitation from MPI regarding their proposed MPI Approved Operator Workshops to be held in your area.

It is important, and compulsory, for MPI Approved Organisations to attend an Awareness Workshop to keep their approval.

Importantly, effective from June 2015, seasonal industries must update their systems to comply with the changes in requirements prior to the start of their 2015/16 season.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has worked in partnership with industry (with the approval of PMAC and FPEC) to enhance and streamline the current certification process for the export of plants and plant products.

The system is being improved to:

  1. Align expectations for MPI Approved Organisations (MAOs – including MPI approved packhouses, coolstores and freight forwarders), independent verification agencies (IVAs), and MPI
  2. Clarify roles and responsibilities within the phytosanitary certification system
  3. Clarify requirements that need to be met and separate them from guidance information so they are easier to understand.

Organisations involved in the export of MPI certified plants and plant products (including horticulture, forestry and seed exports) need to understand what has changed and how it affects you. You will need to understand why some change to your MPI approved system is required, and you will also need to implement the changes before March 2016.

An MAO Awareness Workshop is a 3-4 hour interactive session facilitated by MPI and includes both a review of the changes to the standards and practical elements to help in reviewing MAO documentation. The Awareness Workshops will provide information about the changes to the standards. This will help you to prepare for, and implement, the revised standards.

If you require any assistance with these meetings in relation to potato exports please contact Giselle Irvine (Market Access Solutions on 04 473 6040 or

To ensure that the opportunity to engage with presenters is optimised, you are asked to register with MPI at prior to attending a specific workshop. There is no fee for MPI Approved Organisations to attend the workshop.

Please contact to register your interest in attending one of the workshops at a location near you.