PCN dispensation process removed

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This is a reminder, with planting just around the corner, to plan ahead.

Now that the PCN/Potato Wart OAP dispensation process has been removed for the 2016-17 export season PNZ Inc. encourages growers to register as many paddocks as possible in the initial time frames.

Remember there is no cost to registering more fields than you end up exporting from, the only cost is sample testing if you end up exporting from that field.

The current MPI Official Assurance Programme states that for markets other than Taiwan and Korea, applications must be submitted no later than 21 days after crop has been planted except where a pre-planting soil test is required, in which case applications must be submitted before the intended sampling date.

If any grower is uncertain how this affects them. They should contact PNZ Inc. immediately for clarification.

Be proactive and plan ahead, there will be no dispensations in 2016-17 export growing season.