Fiji export market access update

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Following the early 2016 change in import certificate requirements within Fiji Potatoes NZ Inc. have been working with MPI to negotiate a pre-approved MAO procedure and develop a practical Standard Operating Procedure for non MAO’s.


There remains a grace period in force for all phytosanitary certificates issued either on or before the 15th March 2016 under the current industry practice.


From the 16th March 2016 phytosanitary certificate for potatoes to Fiji will only be issued on verification of sprout inhibitor application. Details of the application (chemical and rate) must be recorded on the phytocertificate.


The MPI pre-approved procedure which must be carried out by all MAO’s.


For non- MAO’s a standard operating procedure (guidelines) have been provided to enable compliance with the certification requirements and this will be verified by the IVA’s at end point inspection.


Please find below three documents – please read the documents carefully:




This has been a good example of industry collaboration and collective problem solving. We thank Henry Pak (MPI) and Gisele Irvine (Market Access Solutionz) for their work in reaching this point.

We however remind all industry participants that the continued access to, and success in, the Fiji market relies on the whole supply chain abiding to the agreed processes and procedures.  There are clear ramifications for the NZ potato industry including growers, packers and exporters if there are any future failures.