2015-16 export season update

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2015-16 MPI Official Assurance Programme forms – not yet available

Unfortunately yet again there is a delay at MPI in providing the forms for their 2015-16 MPI Official Assurance Programme which is why you have not yet received a reminder from Potatoes NZ Inc. to register for the coming export season.

The Ministry of Primary Industries has yet to sign off their 2015-16 PCN and Potato Wart Compliance programme forms despite the programme being updated with the requirements for Viet Nam.

MPI have advised us that we will have the 2015-16 OAP forms available late this week and I will email these out to all 2014-15 registered potato exporters.  Registrations will then be later than normal this year but we are endeavouring to have this completed by mid-November.

Given the need for the inspections and soil sampling for some markets prior to planting we will need you to complete the paperwork and return it as soon as possible to allow the IVA’s to complete inspections in a timely manner to ensure exports to key markets are not affected.


Final 2014-15 export fee invoices – early November

All current export registrations are valid until the 31st October 2015.  Once the final tonneage reports for October are received from the IVA’s (expected in the first week of November),  the current export season invoicing will be completed with any refunds calculated and returned to those that have not used the full $5 per tonne fee.


New contact details for PNZ Inc. Export registration administration and accounts

All export registration scheme administration including registration requirements, forms, processing new or renewing registration applications, collecting monthly tonnage reports from IVA’s is now being completed by Andrea Crawford at Potatoes NZ Inc. (naqern.penjsbeq@cbgngbrfam.pb.am  or 029 602 6329).

Earlier this year Potatoes NZ Inc. moved the provision of their financial services from HortNZ to Campbell Tyson and this now includes all levy collection and accounts receivable including the export fees.

For Potatoes NZ Inc. finance related enquiries (including export fee invoicing, accounts receivable and levy collection) contact:

Melissa Richardson

Campbell Tyson

Fax 09 238 6826  or preferably email to nppbhagf@cbgngbrfam.pb.am


Please remove Doreen Check (of HortNZ) from your contacts list.