Bringing the Primary Sector Together – PINZ 2019 is coming

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Federated Farmers is teaming up with New Zealand’s leading conference company, Conferenz, to bring the country’s primary industry the conference it’s been missing.

The Primary Industries New Zealand Summit will be held at Te Papa in Wellington, July 1-2 (event details).

The event is a partnership between Conferenz and Federated Farmers.  Both organisations have long histories of running conferences for the primary sector, and this conference will benefit from their combined industry knowledge and experience.

“We are trying to emulate the very successful, and government-funded, ABARES conference in Australia,” Conferenz Managing Director Steve Scott says.

“We can’t expect government support of that level in New Zealand, so we are working very hard with a generous family of sponsors, who are likely to be part of this event for a long time.

“It’s very exciting to be building an event which will be part of the New Zealand primary sector for years to come,” Steve says.

Federated Farmers sees itself in a unique position in the New Zealand primary sector, being able to link farmers, growers, politicians, regulators, officials and industry suppliers together.

“We are the networkers of the primary sector and this conference will reflect that.  This is us trying to bring ‘TeamAg’, together in one room, for two days,” Federated Farmers President Katie Milne says.

“It will be a powerful, informative and entertaining forum to be involved in.”

“We are not looking to replace any other industry group’s conference. We are creating a forum where everyone can be in the same room, and talk about the things that affect us all, regardless of the products we grow and the markets we serve,” Katie says.

Q&A about PINZ 2019

A. Yes, it does. The PINZ Summit is on July 1 & 2. The Federated Farmers Governance Day is on July 3, also at Te Papa. This is when the Dairy, Meat & Wool, Arable and National Council AGMs will be.

A. No. The idea is to bring everyone together from all aspects of the primary sector. If you think you are working in the primary sector, then you should be there.

A.  Yes. And they will get a discounted rate on their registration.