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Completed: Final Report DMTW App Improvement Project – Final Report

Milestone: On schedule

Lead Organisation – AgriLink       Project leader – Andrew Barber

Objectives – Develop a tool that will inform practices and will be incorporated into farm specific environment plans that will have to be developed for growers (this is the case already for the Horizons region). It will also provide the basis for a robust independent farm plan audit through NZGAP. Trial results will be incorporated into an excel based tool that can be used to aid decision making by farmers and regulators on erosion and sediment control measures.

Update – Project Extended – Project due for Completion by the end of June 2019. Draft report being prepared by Andrew Barber. Two case studies completed. Two workshops held in May 2019, one Pukekohe, one at Woodhaven gardens (Levin). One more to be held in Pukekohe and a presentation at the PNZ Conference in August.




This SFF project aims to quantify the relative effectiveness of the key practices advocated for reducing sediment and phosphorus loss. While a myriad of factors determine the absolute rate of soil erosion, the project’s goals are achievable by focusing on the relative effectiveness of measures e.g. wheel track ripping reduces erosion by 90% over a four month window. Results will provide growers with increased knowledge and confidence when selecting the most appropriate measures for their situation.