Pulse Electric Field (PEF) application for use in the Potato Crisping Industry

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Report Potatoes New Zealand report_Indra Oey_Food Science Otago

Milestone: 9 completed on schedule

Lead Organisation Otago University Project Leader Indrawati Oey

Objective – Pulsed electric field technology (PEF) applies microsecond pulses of electricity to alter cell permeability and structure and is used commercially overseas as a unit operation in potato fry and crisp manufacture. The use of PEF to mitigate the effects of Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum infection of potatoes on final fry quality has not been previously reported. The ability of PEF in fry and crisp manufacture to reduce the amount of sugar in the potato and to a lesser extent to reduce frying time and temperature were the rationale for using PEF to mitigate to the adverse effect of Liberibacter-infection on potato fry quality.

Update – Three varieties (300 tubers) with high levels of Liberibacter delivered to Otago Uni and run through the PEF line. Results currently being analysed and report due 1/7/19



Proof of concept investigation completed. Main project to commence June 2018.