PNZ Newsletter #120 July 2022

Read the latest news, admin, NZSPCA and technical below.The industry has been hit again by wild weather, this time in … Read More

Sustainable Vegetable Systems Update No.8: Programme Update Q3 2nd year.

Update No. 8 Sustainable Vegetable Systems (SVS)Programme update, March 2022, Quarter 3, 2nd year.Full report with data tables can be read here. … Read More

Potato varieties & cooking styles

Potatoes New Zealand has resources to educate people about potato varieties (the difference between waxy vs floury vs all-purpose potatoes) … Read More

Sustainable Vegetable Systems Update No.7: Making the invisible, visible.

Tool development: Making the invisible, visible. By Andrew Barber, Sustainable Vegetable Systems’ Programme Manager. Nitrogen is invisible, its effects aren’t. … Read More

Sustainability Champions: Oakleys Fresh Vegetables

Oakley’s are industry leaders in harnessing the latest technology to minimise environmental impacts, like extensive use of on-farm moisture probes … Read More

Sustainable Vegetable Systems Update No.6: Understanding grower and agronomist perspectives.

Article by Gemma Carroll, PNZ Communications & Extension Officer, based on a report prepared by Waka Paul, Social Scientist, Plant … Read More

Sustainability Champions: Bhana Family

By Glenys Christian Featured image: Potatoes NZ board member and grower, Bharat Bhana, with an Adroit sensor in one of … Read More

Potatoes Charitable Trust: Keeping it real in the regions, with spudlove for kids and adults alike.

The Methven A&P show was to be 107 this year, but for only the 3rd time in history it was … Read More

Sustainable Vegetable Systems Bulletin No.2: Nitrogen Balance

Understanding management and environmental implications of nitrogen use in vegetable crop production. by PFR scientists Bruce Searle, Trish Fraser, & … Read More

Sustainable Vegetable Systems Update No.5: Programme Update

The Sustainable Vegetable Systems (SVS) program has made great progress with trials and data forming the foundation for interesting conversations around … Read More

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