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Potato Chat October 2020: Onslow’s favourite spud dishes

Classic dishes with a twist are the order of the day at Onslow, Josh and Helen Emett’s newly-opened restaurant in … Read More

Smart Tracking and Tracing: piloting our Biosecurity Emission Levy Information System (BELIS)

By Gemma Carroll Potatoes NZ Inc. became incorporated in 2012, previously it had been operating as a product group within … Read More

Potatoes in the age of shifting markets: Annat Farms

Words by Heather Woods, from the October issue of NZ Grower In 1918, still a teenager, Quentin Wright wrote in … Read More

Control of Potato Tuber Moth: Phthorimaea operculella.

This article is informed by extracted writing from A literature review for Potatoes New Zealand, by Dr Paul Horne, IPM … Read More

Potatoes NZ Newsletter #100 – September 2020

PNZ NEWSRegional Plan Change Updates:Waikato PC1PNZ did not submit on this Plan Change, but Hort NZ didThe PNZ board have decided … Read More

Potato Chat September 2020: Philippino patatas are a luxury food

Potatoes go from luxury to the everyday menu: Niki Bezzant finds out more with Jess Granada Philippino chef Jess Granada … Read More

The future looks brighter when we work together.

The future looks brighter when we work together. Spring – is certainly a time to see new possibilities emerging and … Read More

PNZ: Survive, Revive & Thrive: a Spring update 2020

POTATOES’ PANDEMIC RECOVERY: our industry’s role in New Zealand’s economic and social recovery, building on our strengths and playing a … Read More

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