Potato Chat: Simple loveliness for lockdown

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Potato rosti from Niki Bezzant

This is a classic brunch dish; often served topped with eggs or smoked salmon (or both). It’s super simple with just one ingredient (beautiful NZ potatoes), and it’s easy to make at home. A recipe is not really necessary, so here it is in bullet-point form.

  • Choose waxy or boiling potatoes
  • You’ll also need salt and pepper, oil and butter to cook
  • First, cook your potatoes – boil them until they’re just tender (about 10 minutes)
  • Cool your potatoes in the fridge for an hour or overnight
  • You can use leftover cooked potatoes, too
  • Grate the potatoes (leave the skin on for flavour and nutrition) and season with salt and pepper
  • Heat butter and oil together in a medium heat pan
  • Put handfuls of potato into the pan and shape into thin cakes
  • Cook gently for about 5 mins on each side; until lovely and golden
  • Serve on their own or topped with eggs or salmon or ham, bacon – whatever takes your fancy!