Food Act 2014 – regulations and resources

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The new Food Regulations have been formally passed, and are now available on the New Zealand Legislation website. The Minister for Food Safety, Jo Goodhew, announced the regulations on the 17th December 2015.

MPI have created a package of resources to help businesses understand and comply with the new rules, which came into effect on 1st March 2016.

These are available on the MPI website:  .

Please share these resources with your colleagues to help them prepare for the new Food Act!

To find out what you need to do, businesses should start by using the ‘Where do I fit?’ tool. This will direct you to the resources that apply to you.

New resources include:

  • New food control plan templates. These templates will help food service businesses, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars and rest homes, and food retail businesses, such as supermarkets, delis, butchers, bakers and fishmongers, meet their requirements under the new law.
  • Guidance for businesses who need to operate under a ‘national programme’, such as horticultural producers, manufacturers of lower risk products, and those who sell pre-packaged food.
  • Food safety guidance for businesses that are exempt from a plan or programme
  • Step by step guides for how to follow the new rules

Please be aware that MPI is working hard to create resources that meet people’s needs. The resources they have published so far are not an exhaustive set, and MPI will be updating and adding material in the New Year. MPI welcome feedback from you on anything they have published so far.

From 1st March 2016 all new businesses must comply with the new rules. Existing businesses have time to make changes. They can find out when they need to transition here on the Food Safety website.