Fiji import conditions for fresh potatoes – reminder

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Dear exporters,

The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) is inspecting all fresh potato consignments on arrival in Fiji so it is vital that all these consignments meet Fiji’s import conditions as outlined below.


An import permit and a phytosanitary certificate with the following additional declarations is required:

1.  “Grown in an area entirely free from, Globodera rostochiensis (Golden Nematode) and Synchytrium endobioticum (Potato wart)”


2. “Treated with an appropriate sprout inhibiting agency (active ingredient and rate of application of the inhibitor).” Treatment details must also be included in the treatment section of the phytosanitary certificate.


All damaged and rotting tubers, and tubers showing disease symptoms must be removed from the consignments before export. There must be no contaminants or plant parts attached to the potato tubers or in the export sacks or other packaging.


All soil on potatoes must be either washed off or removed properly before export. All tubers must be treated before export with an appropriate sprout inhibitor and tubers should not have growing buds however, growth that is less than 1mm is acceptable.