Baked potato with mince

Satiety index

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Potatoes are a high satiety index food, approximately 2.5 times that of comparable carbohydrates such as rice and pasta.  The higher the satiety index the greater the feeling of fullness for longer.  Refer to our Potato Nutrition Booklet for more information.

What is the satiety index?

The satiety index (SI) was developed a researcher at the University of Sydney to compare the ‘feeling of fullness’ of a range of foods. Hunger, appetite and satiety regulate the amount of food we want to eat and how much we consume.

What does satiety mean?

Satiety refers to the physiological and psychological experiences of fullness that come after eating or drinking.

It is influenced by the volume of food consumed in addition to its water, dietary fibre and macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate, fat) content. The higher the satiety index the greater the feeling of fullness for longer.

Where do potatoes come on the satiety index?

Potatoes rank very highly compared to similar foods – over three times higher than white bread, and about two and a half times higher than rice and pasta.

What does this mean?

This means that potatoes (e.g. boiled, baked, mashed) have a key role in weight control by helping the ‘eater’ to feel fuller for longer – making them less inclined to eat between meals.

Even more encouraging is that research shows smaller amounts of foods are consumed at the meal following the consumption of a high SI food.

The Satiety Index

Each of the following foods is rated by how much food people ate after consuming them to satisfy their hunger.

All are compared to white bread, ranked as “100”

Bakery Products Carbohydrate-Rich Foods
Croissant 47% White bread 100%
Cake 65% French fries 116%
Doughnuts 68% White pasta 119%
Cookies 120% Brown Rice 132%
Crackers 127% White rice 138%
Snacks and Confectionery Grain bread 154%
Mars candy bar 70% Wholemeal bread 157%
Peanuts 84% Brown pasta 188%
Yogurt 88% Potatoes, boiled 323%
Crisps 91% Protein-Rich Foods
Ice cream 96% Lentils 133%
Jellybeans 118% Cheese 146%
Popcorn 154% Eggs 150%
Breakfast Cereals with Milk Baked beans 168%
Muesli 100% Beef 176%
Sustain 112% Ling fish 225%
Special K 116%   Fruits
Cornflakes 118% Bananas 118%
Honeysmacks 132% Grapes 162%
All-Bran 151% Apples 197%
Porridge/Oatmeal 209% Oranges 202%


Nutrition information of a cooked potato