Sharing the #Spudlove via Social Media

Potatoes are undoubtedly NZ’s favourite and most versatile vegetable. Whether baked, mashed, boiled or served as those addictive and delicious … Read More

Getting Potatoes back into the classroom

Sarah Wirth, President of HETTANZ discussed ‘Getting potatoes back in the classroom’ at the recent Potatoes NZ conference. The following … Read More

Potatoes – the perfect side

Potatoes are the perfect side for every meal, every day. They can be served boiled, mashed, roasted, baked or in … Read More

What is a new potato?

New potatoes have a delicate flavour and are usually available from the end of winter. They are young potatoes and … Read More


The term ‘phytochemicals’ refers to a wide variety of compounds made by plants which affect our health. The benefits of … Read More

Carbohydrates and fibre

Carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes are a good source of energy. For a balanced diet, carbohydrates should supply just over half … Read More

Food intolerance and allergies

Potatoes can be used in the following exclusion diets: Gluten free Wheat free Dairy free Egg free Nut free Low … Read More


Potatoes play an important role in feeding the world as they are one of the largest food crops on the … Read More

Preparing and cooking potatoes

Preparing potatoes There are a number of decisions that you can make in order to maximise the nutritional benefits of … Read More

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