Strong demand for New Zealand fries in Australia

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Imports from New Zealand drove a substantial increase in Australian fry imports in June, with 10 688 tonnes shipped into the country during the year, 19.4% more than in June 2017. Annual imports were up 14.7% to 138 116 tonnes. The average price of fry imports in June was Au$1 267/tonne. The current exchange rate is US$1=Au$1.35 or €1=Au$1.57.

Imports from New Zealand have increased by 29.8% over the last year to 54 357 tonnes, with June imports at 5 075 tonnes, 57.5% higher than in June 2017. The average price of NZ imports in June was Au$1 153/tonne, 4.2% lower than in June 2017.

Dutch imports have increased by 17.2% to 42 599 tonne over the last year, with June imports 7.6% higher at 2 914 tonnes. US imports fell by 26.0% over the year to 20 924 tonnes and by 39.3% in June to 976 tonnes.

Sourced with permission Issue 379, 7 August 2018