Putting Health and Safety theory into practice

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Following the success of the Healthy and Safety Workshops, run by WorkSafe NZ and Potatoes NZ, back in September there have been various requests for a sample health & safety plan. Clearly the content needs to be adapted to your workplace, but here’s an example…

Reynolds Bros, who hosted a workshop earlier this year, has kindly shared its Health and Safety Plan with other packers.



  • Good drinking water available on all farms.
  • Good smoko room, washroom, toilet facilities, Portaloos for seasonal workers.



  • Good lighting. Ventilation. Dust extraction from onion grading shed.
  • Enclosed packhouse buildings with roof insulation.
  • Personnel exit doors beside main roller door.
  • Illuminated exit signs – battery backup.
  • Man cage or scissor lift on site for working at height.
  • Truck loading and unloading areas separated from grading lines and work areas.
  • Good metal yards levelled and no potholes.



  • All danger areas fully guarded or screened.
  • Emergency stop buttons on all Grading Lines.
  • Wide walkways and stairways with handrails.
  • Rubber conveyors to minimise noise.



  • Clean and tidy.
  • Bins stacked straight.
  • Fertilisers stacked in separate area.
  • Machinery maintenance and workshop in separate areas.
  • Fuel and oil in separate approved area.
  • Chemical storage, isolated and secured.



  • Appropriate driver training and licensing.
  • Good maintenance programme including tyres, air filters, air conditioning filters.
  • Sprayer and fertiliser spreader operators to have special training and certifications.
  • Systems in place for over width vehicles:- Beacons, signage, piloting, lighting. Only authorised people on vehicles and machinery e.g. planters, and harvesters.



  • Put farm ID number signs on all gates.
  • Danger areas notified to workers, contractors or visitors.
  • Overhead electrical wires:- Hazard for tip trucks, excavators, unloading equipment from transporter and throwing straps or chains over trucks.
  • Underground Services:- Power, water, telecom, locate before digging.
  • Silt traps, irrigation ponds, open drains, all can be hazardous.
  • When hedge trimmers, mulchers, mowers keep other people away.


Thanks to Reynolds Brothers for sharing. We were all impressed with their good health and safety practices and grateful for the use of their premises on the day.