Potato varieties & cooking styles

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Potatoes New Zealand has resources to educate people about potato varieties (the difference between waxy vs floury vs all-purpose potatoes) and potato cookery terms.

Potato varieties and how they cook is a general guide to show how specific potato varieties typically cook. Potatoes are affected by weather, growing conditions and the time of year so we recommend buying potatoes that have been cook tested and labelled to help you make the right choice.

At a basic level, waxy smooth texture potatoes are best for boiling, salads, braises and stews. Whereas floury, fluffy textured potatoes are best for mashing, roasting, chips, and wedges. If you want on type of potatoes to suit all cooking options choose a general purpose potato.

Ever read a recipe only to be flummoxed by French terms like Pommes Dauphine or Pommes Marquis? Unsure what this means? Well the Guide to cooking potatoes resource is just the thing for you. This fact sheet lists the English name and Classical (French) name whilst giving a basic description of how to cook potatoes in this style.


These resources were developed based on feedback from the Home Economics Technology Teachers Association of New Zealand (HETTANZ) Executive Committee.  These resources were previously posters and have been redesigned as info sheets for teachers, culinary tutors, growers and retailers to tear off and give to their customers.

You can download the files here Potato varieties and how they cook and Guide to Cooking Potatoes A4