Potato croquette with char grilled haloumi and salad

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Potato croquette with haloumi salad

Potato croquettes are a delicious classic potato dish.

Serves 4

500g mashing potatoes, boiled and drained
1 egg yolk
salt and white pepper, to taste
25g butter
flour, for coating
1 egg, beaten
breadcrumbs, for coating

Return the cooked potatoes to the saucepan and heat to dry the potatoes.
Pass the potatoes through a sieve into a bowl.
Add the egg yolk and mix in quickly. Add salt, pepper and butter and mix until the butter has melted.
Mould the mixture into cylinders, 2 cm x 5 cm. Roll in flour, then in beaten egg, then in breadcrumbs.
Deep fry at 180-185°C until golden, drain on kitchen paper.
Serve with grilled haloumi and salad.