Mediterranean style potato salad

This wonderful coloured salad is a great meal by itself. Use the dressing given or use a favourite bought one. … Read More

Winter roasties

Classy café style winter vegetables; serve as a hot vegetable, or as a salad. Serves 4-6 300g pumpkin, peeled, deseeded … Read More

Wedges with bacon, beans and tomatoes

Wedges are delicious, especially served with bacon lardons. Serves 4 4 medium roasting potatoes, sliced into small thin wedges (8-10 … Read More

Watercress, orange and potato chicken salad

The peppery flavour of the watercress and rocket mixed with the sweet orange, makes this a great tasting salad. Serves … Read More

Warm salad of lamb, potatoes and feta

Try this tasty potato and lamb dish and always choose Quality Mark beef and lamb. Thanks very much to Beef Lamb … Read More

Warm potatoes, shallot and red capsicum salad

Adding capers to this warm potato salad makes a tasty dish. Serves 4 4 boiling or new potatoes, cut in … Read More

Warm potato, capsicum and bacon salad

For a delicious weekend brunch serve with a poached egg on top and aioli on the side. Serves 2 400g … Read More

Venison ragout

Fresh garlic and tomatoes combined with caraway seeds give this a different and great flavour. Serves 4 vegetable oil spray … Read More

Vegetables roasted in white balsamic vinegar glaze

These tasty roast vegetables are a must for balsamic lovers. Serves 4-6 500-750g prepared vegetables: e.g. pumpkin, potato, kumara, beetroot, … Read More

Vegetables on the barbecue plate

These easy and tasty vegetables add plenty of colour and texture to barbecued steaks. Suggestions: Potatoes Slice general purpose potatoes … Read More

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