Summer salads

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Salads are a great summer food as they can be a stand alone meal or the addition to meal.  Done right a salad can provide carbohydrate, fibre, protein and many vitamins and minerals.  While some salads can leave you unsatisfied by adding potatoes which have a high satiety index rating you will feel fuller longer.  So how do you build a perfect salad?

  1. Create your base: Potatoes make a great base as they can be paired with many different vegetables and they hold dressings well. To save time cook double the night before with dinner, left over cooled potatoes are perfect for salads! Alternatively a green leafy base such as spinach, cos lettuce or kale.
  2. Add more vegetables: By adding more vegetables you can create different textures, and flavours. Vegetables such as capsicum, onion, tomatoes, green beans, beetroot and corn all work well with a potato base.
  3. Add protein: Protein is a great addition to salads as it helps to keep you full for longer. Tuna and bacon are great with potato or if you want to keep the salad vegetarian nuts, seeds and legumes such as chickpeas or cannellini beans.
  4. Time for the dressing: Creamy dressings are traditional for potato salads, but how about mixing up the mayo to use 1/2 mayo and 1/2 plain yoghurt or cottage.
And just like that you have created a delicious salad!
Note: Cold potatoes have a lower glycaemic impact for those on diabetic diets and also by adding a vinaigrette containing acid such as lemon, lime or vinegar you can further reduce the glycaemic impact. 
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