Selecting potatoes

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How do I know which potato to buy?

  • Buy potatoes suited for end use. Growers cook-test potatoes and then label them accordingly. That way the purchaser can be confident that the potato will cook as expected.

What should I look for in good potatoes?

  • Choose potatoes that have no cuts, bruises, green patches or shoots.
  • A smooth looking potato is not necessarily better than a misshapen one.  Some varieties characteristically have skins which look netted or have eyes in them.

Which potato variety should I buy?

  • Choose potatoes for end use, rather than specific varieties. This poster explains how end use is different to variety.

TIP: If a potato doesn’t cook as expected, be prepared to change the cooking method to match the type of potato. A floury potato will not hold together when boiled and will not make a good salad. Similarly, a waxy potato will produce a gluey mash.

For more information go to Seasonal changes and potato varieties.