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Potatoes New Zealand Inc. (PNZ) is the industry association representing the interests of the New Zealand potato industry. Potatoes NZ Inc. became incorporated in 2012 (Incorporated Society Number 2559200), previously it had been operating as a product group within Horticulture New Zealand. In June 2013 PNZ started collecting a commodity levy in accordance with the Commodity Levies Act (1990) – Commodity Levies (Potatoes) Order 2013.

Levy payers (either growers or their agents) have been invited to register for our Biosecurity, Emissions, Levies Information System (BELIS).
If you are a BELIS registered grower or agent you can login here
If you need to register and set up your login please email our Administration & Finance Officer here

PNZ has three membership types:

Grower Members are actively engaged in the production of potatoes in New Zealand for commercial processing, domestic fresh market, export, or seed who, in the preceding 12 month period, have paid a levy pursuant to the Commodity Levies (Potatoes) Order 2013. There are 170 Grower Members who have full voting rights.

Trade Members are actively engaged in processing, trading or retailing New Zealand grown potatoes or potato product. There are four Trade Members who have voting rights but not Levy Voting rights.

Associate Members are associated with the potato industry and are engaged in supplying services to Grower members or Trade members. PNZ currently has seven Associate Members. Association Members do not have voting rights.