MEDIA RELEASE: SVS Video launch celebrates good direction

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Embargoed Date: 18th November 2022 2.30pm

Media contact: or call 027 240 4682

Re: Vegetable Sector improving nitrogen management

The Sustainable Vegetable Systems Programme is in its third year and is making great progress towards improving tools and guidelines for the New Zealand vegetable sector’s nitrogen management.

Today is the launch of the first of three short videos outlining the programme goals and activities.

The first video can be seen on the Potatoes New Zealand YouTube channel here.

Two more videos will launch on 21st & 25th November at 12.30pm hosted on the same channel.

SVS is funded by Ministry for Primary Industries, led and co-funded by Potatoes New Zealand in collaboration with the Vegetable Research & Innovation Board and Horticulture NZ.
SVS is a $7.5 million-dollar national project, spread over 4 years and has multiple workstreams.

The programme outputs include providing analysed trial results and subsequent modelling of the vegetable nitrogen system. This is presented as nitrogen budgets. The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research (PFR) are conducting the field, laboratory and modelling research.

There has been significant social science conducted by PFR and social science company, FOLKL, to ascertain the level of problem recognition within the industry and to engage growers in collaborative tool development.
Overall SVS programme aims

  • To maintain vegetable and potato industries’ social license to operate.
  • To protect the ability to grow, process and sell, while meeting environmental standards.
  • To ensure industry access to land, water and nutrients through national, regional and farm programmes in order to achieve industry growth.

Fast Facts

  • The NZ potato industry value is just over $1 billion dollars per annum
  • The NZ vegetable sector value is $430 million dollars per annum
  • There are 178 Potato growers in NZ
  • The rest of the vegetable sector comprises of 700 growers


Chris Claridge, CEO of Potatoes NZ, “SVS is a successful collaboration between NZ vegetable growers, NZ agronomists and NZ scientists from two of NZ’s fantastic research teams. We are excited to enable a more sustainable approach to vegetable growing with positive impacts on environmental, economic and social outcomes”.

Antony Heywood, GM of Vegetables NZ, “SVS enables vegetable growers to scientifically prove that their growing practices are able to achieve sustainable levels in environmental, economic and social outcomes”.

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