Potato Chat October 2020: Onslow’s favourite spud dishes

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Classic dishes with a twist are the order of the day at Onslow, Josh and Helen Emett’s newly-opened restaurant in Auckland’s CBD.

Niki Bezzant talked to head chef Glen File – whose track record includes other classic Auckland spots Baduzzi and The Grange – about the restaurant’s food philosophy, and his own favourite potato dishes.

“We’re trying to keep things quite classic; use good technique, good ingredients and just do things really well”, he says. They’re things people might recognise, but might not attempt to make at home, like chocolate mousse – already becoming a talked-about dish – or eclairs filled with creamy lobster.

When it comes to potatoes, they fit into that classic mould, too. “Everyone loves potatoes”, File says.

He has a soft spot for a potato gratin. “You can’t go past it. If you cook it well, take the time to press it and wait until the next day to serve it”, he says. “If you serve that up at a dinner party, everyone’s going to be leaving with a smile on their face”.

He offers a tip for those who might be going light on the dairy: cook your gratin with chicken stock instead of cream. “It’ll still have great flavour”, he says.

For more about Onslow, see their website https://www.onslow.nz/