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Potatoes NZ Inc have produced resources to motivate and inspire you to eat and enjoy fresh New Zealand grown potatoes.

Browse through the resources library, then download and print on your own printer. Downloads are available free of charge to anyone. For any document name ending in “P” there is a printed resource available. Please email us by clicking here including your name, address, business name and what items and quantities you require. There is no charge for postage. Please allow 5-10 working days for delivery.

Note: printed material is only available to people living in New Zealand.


Potatoes NZ Inc. proudly sponsors, provides or participates in a variety of educational programmes nationwide. Education of the general public and in particular future generations is key to ensuring the ongoing consumption of potatoes in New Zealand.

Teachers’ notes

Download the Teacher’s Guide and take your children on a potato discovery adventure with these activity suggestions.

Motivating personal interest

Levels 1-4: check out classroom cooking – easy ideas and special teaching tips.

  • Children create their own recipe for baked potatoes.
    Bake a tray of potatoes and get the children to fill their own potato with some delicious fillings. Offer grated cheese, baked beans, tuna, etc. After baking the potatoes, wrap the whole tray in aluminium foil and a towel and the potatoes will stay warm for a long time.
  • Have a barbecue potato sizzle.
    Parcook unpeeled potatoes in either the oven or by boiling. Cut into wedges and barbecue until golden and crunchy. Brush with oil during cooking. Sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs such as parsley or coriander and a little salt.
  • Ask the children what they already know about potatoes.
    How do they eat potatoes at home? Where and how are potatoes grown? In groups, mind map their ideas. Report back to the class. Create a summary of their ideas.

Understanding the bigger picture

Connecting personal experience with the global community

Levels 1-2:
Potato icon posters. Together, or in groups, use the potato icon posters and ask the children to explore and interpret the slogan and explain in their own words the relevance to themselves and the world.

Level 3-4:
Go to the Kids section of the International Year of the Potato 2008 website that was developed to celebrate the United Nations International Year of the Potato 2008. There is a lot of information there.

Discussion points

  1. Focusing on sustainability of water use and efficiency of plant growth, consider why potatoes are a good food choice for all citizens of the world.
  2. Focusing on how potatoes grow in diverse environments, from the mountains of South America to the deserts of Africa, discuss how potatoes can offer solutions to poverty.
  3. Focusing on nutrition, why are potatoes a good food choice?

Assessment activities

Levels 1-4:

  • Using artwork as inspiration (download from the list at right), create a new potato image and key message to reflect your new understanding of the potato.
  • Create a potato meal, or perhaps a potato sizzle for the rest of the school and be able to explain why potatoes are important.

United Nations Potato honour

In 2008 the United Nations recognised that potatoes had a major role to play in feeding the world’s population. To honour their contribution, they named 2008 as “International Year of the Potato“.

Around the world, activities were undertaken to highlight the amazing nutritional status, the ability to grow in a variety of conditions, the sustainability and positive impact on environments and communities, and the role played in alleviating poverty and hunger, of the potato.

An amazing website was developed to celebrate the potato. This site is still active and is an incredible source of information.